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SunEarth Connection: Kindergarten through Second Grade

  • Solar Cookies

    Kids can make models of the sun using 4" sugar cookies, different colored icing (indicates different internal zones (core, radiative zone, convective zone, photosphere), sprinkles (represents granularity of photosphere), and red (coronal loops) and black (delimits cutaway of sun) string licorice.
    Submitted By: Lou Mayo, Sligo Creek Elementary Astronomy Club
  • Astronomy Screensaver

    It's a multi-facetted application that allows you to keep abreast of status reports, news and announcements of events taking place at ESA Science and the most recent near-real-time images from SOHO. I don't know of a NASA equivalent but many of the projects are joint with NASA. For those interested in Solar observations, there's less chance of missing exciting solar storms (like the one that's been going on for the last few days) because the screensaver updates its images whenever you're online.
    Download it here:
    Submitted By: Mike Cripps, Neatherd High School Astronomy Club
  • Sun-Earth Connection PowerPoint Presentation

    This is a PowerPoint presentation I created to teach the basics of the Sun-Earth Connection to elementary and middle-school students. It contains images and information to help students learn about the Sun, the Earth's magnetosphere, and the Sun's connection to such events on Earth as auroras, disruptions in telecommunications on Earth, and other related events.

    Microsoft Power Point

    Sun-Earth Connections.ppt Size: 1.43Mb

    Submitted By: Dorian Janney, Watkins Mill High School Astronomy Club
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